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Проведення розважальних заходів з українськими іграми

You may have heard that “we are living in the age of information” and this right as if you’re an internet user you must know there are numbers of people who are using the internet not only for information search and enjoyment but also for living. Recent statistics shows that millions of people are associated with this. And they are not only earning living but also enjoying luxury. If you’re not among those or want to earn online, this guide is designed for people who:

  • Cannot earn money in habitual ways;
  • want to earn additional money with their hobbies;
  • Students, women in decree and pensioners.

There are variable abilities to work online and earn well. Choose the best, reliable and the most profitable one from the following:

Writing articles is the very profitable method of earnings, especially if you have qualification. As the internet projects are progressing and extend rapidly, they require more forces to earn the amount of high quality content. You can earn up to $25 for 500 words. Under the circumstances that you fulfil 4 article tasks per day – you’ll get $100 salary and that’s about $3000 per month. But note, it looks easy just at the first glance. In fact, expressing your thoughts in written form in the most simple way isn’t enough to become a successful copywriter. Before you start, you should firstly become an expert in the client`s business niche as the business owners will require serious approach for their business.

Blogging can be a perfect way to initiate your competence and to prove your skills. It reveals your personality and expresses a consistent and clear message about business, interests and hobbies. You can work as startup and take responsibilities to promotion of your own product.

Start writing about what people love is required but not sufficient condition. You should specialize on the narrow topics and provide variable qualitative content to your readers. In the case if you’re already feel the market and have devoted readers, you can earn from $2000 up to $100.000 and more by selling the advertising to large companies.

It’s not a secret to anybody that you can earn just by playing games. If you can not live without a computer, if your favorite game character is pumped to the limit and you’re the frequenter of the specialized forums, this work is made for you.
You can work like a:

  • Testing. Game development companies hire gamers to test their games and ask if they found any glitch, mistake or anything that could be improved. They hire testers from all over the world, so you can work at home and earn up to $2000 per month.
  • Making reviews. If you have considerable experience in playing both video and online games, you can become an author for the known gaming publishers. If you have experience rewrite articles for the small site owners.
  • Create a video blog. you can use any video platform to start your own channel. It is a risky business as the success as your success depends directly from your artistry and the ability to captivate the audience.
  • Make and sell stuff. Small online games can also pay you. You should earn points by playing games, achieve targets, completely different levels and after that you can sell your achievements or exchange your points for real cash.
  • Tournaments. If you’re a professional or have a goal to become one, you may take part in championships. If they are carried out by reputable companies like EA, Nintendo or Blizzard Entertainment you can get from $100.000 and more for the 1st place. For Example, the International 2013: Dota 2 Championships was organized in Washington, USA, and the Total prize pool was: $ 2,874,407. In which many teams took part in. however The Team “Alliance” took first place and won $ 1,437,204 the “Natus Vincere” team took the 2nd place and won $ 632,370.

Online surveys

There are many sources available on the internet that offers paid surveys. For this type of earning you just need to find trusted source or company that online surveys, they require your opinion on something specific, it takes minutes to complete a survey. At the end, the company pays you for sharing your opinions.

CashBack sites

This is a very simple but profitable idea that pays you back from your purchases. Instead of directly visiting a retailer, you visit that retailer through an affiliate link. That later tracks the visitor. Cashback Sites redirects customers to retailer website by paying a part of their purchase. By using these sources, you get paid by paying for your purchases.

Services for reviews anything

You can also get paid by reviewing services, websites and other service provider. You can show review of anything from hotels, to market, product, food, services, anything that you consider a good or a bad review can affect its reputation or productivity.

Selling Used Books, CDs and Games

There are many classified websites that let you sell your used thing like mobiles, electronics, clothes, consoles, laptops, PC etc. If you carefully handle white good, gadget or clothes, you can safely sell the stuff you don’t need. You both will help people to buy them cheaper and get rid of unnecessary things with a good compensation.

Get Cash for Easy tasks

Some websites offer small task which include survey, signups, referral, and many other tasks that hardly take 5 mins and by doing these tasks daily you can collect a reasonable amount. For example, on Fiverr you can earn $5 per each task, so your benefit depends on the speedy delivery of small jobs from the creating postcards to walking pets.

Taking Photos of Products

If you’re fond of photography you can take pictures of different things, valleys, sunsets, sceneries beautiful views etc. You can sell them online to variable stock markets or directly to site owners. Each photo will bring you from $0,10 up to $5. Simple job for the amateur photographer, especially if you’re travelling around the world with the camera in hands.

Creating Videos

This is another type of earning from enjoyment. As the content marketing develops with the growth of target audience requirements, the short videos with product reviews are becoming more popular. You can create videos of something exceptional ideas, emotions, environmental issues, consumer goods, assessment reviews and sell them. You profit will depends on the quality of videos you’re creating. The higher it is – the more benefit you’ll get. All you need to earn from $5 to $100 per 5 minutes video is a video camera and your talent.

Make a Research

You can also make money by searching information, help someone in research projects, do R&d for companies, make market research for marketing campaigns etc. Internet companies such as AQA (formerly 63336) welcome researchers for different tasks and pay them for their research. So depending on the complexity of the task you’ll earn up to $500 per task.

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